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About us

Started as a non-profit corporation in 2013, LIKELION has provided programming education to over 24,000 students across six countries in Korea, the USA, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Vietnam...
We run various programs for university students, professionals, and organizations. We are dedicated to developing and disseminating effective and innovative methods for increasing literacy in programming language and development tools as we believe they can let people unleash their creativity and realize their visions.
Ultimately, our goal is to serve as a launchpad for those coming from fields far from codings, such as humanities and social sciences, to start their individual journeys with programming skills as the power fuel.
LIKELION's desired goal is to grow as a startup incubator, but by providing free training than funding. LIKELION teaches coding to some extent but emphasizes encouraging students to be able to find the information they need on their own. Eventually, the program culminates in students completing their own project that could potentially be a marketable idea/service/product.
In Korea, some alumni of the program successfully launched tech startups by developing the project they did with LIKELION. The success stories gave LIKELION a lot of publicity and led to a number of LIKELION chapters in universities across the country. Big names like Google reached out to LIKELION for partnership once they established a strong presence in schools nationwide. Currently, we also train offline programming classes for students, office workers, LIKELION AI School, Gwangju Artificial Intelligence Academy, etc. We also teach programming on our self-developed CODE LION online training platform.
About LIKELION in Vietnam
In Southeast Asia, LIKELION has solidified our leading position in coding education. Since first entering Vietnam in January 2020, we have been steadily growing and expanding our networks throughout Vietnamese universities, including UEH, VNUHCM- USSH, HCMUNRE, IUH,.. Besides, we also provide courses for office staff and organize coding boot camps for anyone interested in full-stack web development. Moreover, to help people access the high-quality courses at LIKELION easily, we created an online platform, providing courses such as Data Science, Python, Machine Learning,..
Our goal is to make programming become more popular and accessible to everyone, from students to beginners to entrepreneurs. We also aim to assist those who want to grow professionally in the most efficient way possible by utilizing technological education.
Programming will become a popular technological trend in Vietnam, and LIKELION will be at the forefront of that movement.

Mission - Vision - Value

Our Mission

Improve lives and the world via education.

Our values

Create an on-offline programming education platform for everyone to challenge themselves and turn their ideas into reality.

Our values

Connect Challenge And Realize.

Courses at LIKELION in Vietnam

Courses for university students

LIKELION partnered with prestigious universities to provides courses, helping non-computer science students pursue their desires in learning code.
Some universities as examples:
Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh City (IUH)
University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City (UEH)
Ho Chi Minh University of Natural Resources and Environment (HCMUNRE)
University of Social Sciences and Humanities (VNUHCM- USSH)

Coding Bootcamp

LIKELION has provided Full-Stack Web Development Bootcamp for anyone who is interested in web development and wants to become a full-stack dev.
Bootcamp takes place continuously for 3 months, every week from Monday to Thursday. Through the course, LIKELION provides an easy-to-follow, industry-tested curriculum and focuses on code practising. - Online Course

This is an online teaching platform that we created to provide LIKELION's high-quality online programming courses, helping students who cannot attend offline courses to learn coding more easily with a flexible schedule.

Courses for Office Staff

The LIKELION course is designed for office staff who want to change careers, enhance their own competencies, start technological ventures or have ideas that they want to implement on their own.
With a 3-month course, our program is to aim at not only training website programming based on students' ideas but also assisting them in perfecting their own projects.
Our support includes consulting for their project designs, professional writing to finalizing project products.

Curriculum designed

Full-Stack Web Development: HTML,CSS, JavaScript, ReactJS, NodeJS, MongoDB
Data Science: Python (NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib, Seaborn), Machine Learning, Deep Learning
Basic Programming with Python
Basic HTML/CSS Course
NFT Blockchain Market App

LIKELION’s Leader in Vietnam

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